Elsewhere Brooklyn. Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens

 I’ve been doing music my whole life from the age of 12. I was raised in a church which is how I learned to play 2 instruments, drums and piano . Although I played instruments music was overall what I enjoyed the most, especially rap. I started rapping when I was young it started off just writing in my books and then I began recording. It went from me recording to me performing and building up my stage presence . I sing and act too.

Elsewhere Brooklyn. Photo by Broke Visualz

When I’m on stage my energy goes from 0 to 100 and everything around me doesn’t exist. It’s just me and the mic. Monsters of Brooklyn is a program I stumbled across through a friend and little did I know that this program would became more like a family to me . They helped me so much with my career and building me up as an artist.

Elsewhere Brooklyn. Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens