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2016 Press

Bushwick Open Studios gets back to its roots

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DAVID&SCHWEITZER Contemporary Kicks Off Bushwick Open Studios With a Coming-of-Age Story of Brooklyn Art in the Present and Future

As Bushwick Open Studios Shifts Gears, Who Gets Left Behind?

Gallery Rounds: Talking Nourishment

Bushwick Open Studios: Field Notes & Takeaways

2015 Press

“This Brooklyn neighborhood has more than 50 galleries — as well as murals and other art hiding in plain sight — spread over roughly two miles.” – Joshua Barone“Weekend Miser: An Art Festival in Bushwick” New York Times, 6/1/2015

Bushwick keeps itself weird, and Open Studios is no exception. – Kaitlyn Hamilton“Flavorpill Picks for Bushwick Open Studios 2015” Flavorpill, 6/1/2015

“The program, a partnership with Blick Art Supplies, pairs neighborhood teens — many of whom don’t receive any art instruction in their schools — with mentors to help nurture and cultivate their talents.” – Raquel Laneri“Teens Take Over Bushwick Open Studios” Metro NY, 6/1/2015

“The event, organized by Arts in Bushwick and now in its ninth year, is a chance for anyone to visit artists in their studios, see new work and learn more about the arts community in Bushwick.” – Jim Rendon, “Bushwick Open Studios 2015 Happens Next Weekend” Brownstoner, 5/29/2015

This annual voyeur-a-thon will give you the opportunity to poke your head into dozens of art studios in Bushwick, Ridgewood and Bed-Stuy.” – Daniel Maurer, “Festival Frenzy: Northside and Bushwick Open Studios Reveal All” Bedford + Bowery, 5/20/2015

BOS has always proven to be a differently huge beast from one year to the next.” – Paul D’Agostino, BOS 2015: Comparatives & Superlatives” The L Magazine, 5/6/2015

BOS has become one of the biggest annual art events in New York.” – Benjamin Sutton, How Arts in Bushwick Has Stayed on Mission in a Rapidly Changing Neighborhood” Hyperallergic, 5/6/2015

“Arts in Bushwick is an all-volunteer organization that provides a platform for creative minds in the community, working towards an integrated and sustainable neighborhood through arts programming, creative accessibility, and community organizing.” – Willow Goldstein, “Arts in Bushwick: Bigger, Broader and as Inclusive as Ever” Greenpoint News, 4/8/2015

“I was at the Bushwick Open Studios in Brooklyn, where artists in the neighborhood open their doors. And so many people are living and working in the same space that we get to peek inside their lives. …  It had a kind of rough and fun feeling that the whole neighborhood has and you walk right out the door and you’re in the heart of Bushwick and all around you are the beautiful street paintings and graffiti of that neighborhood.” – Bill Desowitz, “Finding Different Sides of Brooklyn for Noah Baumbach’s ‘While We’re Young” Indie Wire, 3/27/2015

With more than 600 artists to meet and studios to explore…we feel there’s truly something for everyone. – Cait Munro, “15 Things We’re Excited for in 2015” ArtNet1/1/2015

2014 Press

“ BOS in all its stretched-out sizes will have always been a remarkably successful blast—from its earliest flickers and sparks all the way to critical mass.” – Paul D’Agostino, “Insider’s Guide to Bushwick Open Studios 2014” The L Magazine, 12/17/2014

Bushwick is a real hub of creativity. And people are more willing to share their art in a kind of small movement.” – Louise Hudson, “Brooklyn’s Bushwick District is Hipster Heaven” Dallas News, 9/26/14

“If Chelsea is the showroom, where art goes to be put on display and sold off, then the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick is something like the assembly line … Every year, during Bushwick Open Studios (BOS), the doors to this sprawling art factory are thrown open, offering you the opportunity to meet artists” – Benjamin Sutton, “Insider’s Guide to Bushwick Open Studios 2014” ArtNet 5/29/2014

The annual festivities surrounding Bushwick Open Studios seem to get bigger each year.” – “New York – Bushwick Open Studios – May 30th-June 2nd, 2014” Art Observed 6/02/2014

Arts in Bushwick, which runs BOS, is one of the neighborhood arts community’s real success stories. As a grassroots, volunteer-run organization, they have toiled away at creating bonds and bridges between artists, arts entities around the city, and different groups of local residents and schools in the area.” – Hrag Vartanian, “Thoughts on the Present and Future of Bushwick Open Studios” Hyperallergic 6/02/2014

“BOS offers a schedule of performance events, curated exhibitions and, of course, the opportunity to see hundreds of artists’ works right where they make them.” – Howard Halle, “Brace yourself: Bushwick Open Studios is here!” Time Out New York 5/30/2014

Continuing with it’s upward trend, the experience is set to be a fitting celebration of Brooklyn art culture.” – “Bushwick Open Studios: Set to Rock Again” NY Arts Magazine

“…the annual event that stretches from East Williamsburg to Ridgewood in a grandiose three-day celebration of art on levels both individually intimate—as artists open their creative spaces to the public—and collectively extravagant—via group exhibitions, performances of various sorts, screenings, parties and so forth.” – Paul D’Agostino, “Bushwick Open Studios 2014: The Big Lowdown” The L Magazine 5/21/2014

“There was SO much to do and no obligation at all to do it. One could spend the day looking at the sketches and smaller works of some of the world’s most talented street artists, or just drink beer in the street while listening to punk metal … Regardless of your role, or level of involvement, everyone sensed they were part of a creative community, everyone felt the presence of the neighborhood.” – Casey Velasquez, “BUSHWICK OPEN STUDIOS 2014: A CASUAL CHAOTIC SUCCESS!” Bright Young Things 6/03/2014

… an endless tour of painting, sculpture, installation, video, performance, and just about everything else.” – Jonathan Beer, “Bushwick Open Studios: 2014” Art Rated 6/09/2014

2013 Press

“…for three days every year [Bushwick] may be the coolest place in the five boroughs.” – Guy Trebay, “At Every Turn, Another Strange World” The New York Times 6/05/2013

‘Thank you very much.’ This is the most important phrase that we hear all weekend. Thank you for your time. Thank you for coming out. Thank you for the conversations. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for creating this. Thank you.” – Sean Alday, “Overheard While Observing a Grapevine Sculpture” Bushwick Daily 6/05/2013

“This year marked the seventh annual celebration of the neighborhood’s vibrant cultural scene.” – Laura June Kirsch, “Art Knows How to Party at the Bushwick Open Studios Arts Festival” The Village Voice 6/03/2013

“Tomorrow, artist studios will be the focus of everyone’s attention, but tonight galleries across the neighborhood… attracted hundreds of visitors eager to enjoy the good weather and celebrate the community-wide festival.” – Hrag Vartanien, “And They’re Off: Friday Night Openings at Bushwick Open Studios 2013” Hyperallergic 6/01/2013

“For seven years now, Bushwick Open Studios has been one of the most reliable, beloved institutions of early summer, and this weekend’s festivities—the biggest yet, with over 600 scheduled shows—promise to be some of the best in the festival’s history.” – Virginia K. Smith, “5 Things Not To Miss At Bushwick Open Studios This Weekend” The Measure 5/31/2013

“Opening up studios is as much about giving artists attention as it is about neighbors getting to know each other.” – Kelly Haight, “Bushwick Open Studios Returns” The Brooklyn Paper 5/31/2013

“The people of the neighborhood are interacting, exactly as it should be.”  – Jeff Young, “Bushwick Open Studios” In the Cut 7/01/2013

“With the unofficial beginning of summer comes the kickoff of the 2013 edition of Bushwick Open Studios, where artists across the neighborhood open their doors to peers and visitors to showcase art and culture…” – Anthony Bell, “Bushwick Open Studios Returns This Weekend, May 31 – June 2” All NY Media 5/31/2013

“The Bushwick Open Studio is a festival that celebrates the Brooklyn community’s eccentric art scene.” – Jessica Jupiter, “Free 99: 10 Things to Do in NYC This Weekend That Won’t Cost You a Dime” Complex City Guide 5/31/2013

“Bushwick Open Studios will feature live performance, film, art, a neighborhood fair, a community mural, and more this weekend.” – “Bushwick Open Studios 2013” This Week in New York 5/31/2013

There is no better time to witness the welcoming of art into the industrial zone than during the annual Bushwick Open Studios” – Vera Haller, “In Bushwick, Art and Industry Make Friends” Wall Street Journal 5/30/2013

Who the hell needs the Venice Biennale when you’ve got Bushwick Open Studios? (Nobody, that’s who.)” – Benjamin Sutton, “10 Must-Visit Studios, 10 Must-See Exhibitions, and More at Bushwick Open Studios 2013” Artinfo 5/30/2013

“For the last six years, this has been one of the highlights of our summer.” – “Bushwick Open Studios is This Weekend” Free Williamsburg 5/30/2013

“The seventh annual Bushwick Open Studio festival organized by Arts In Bushwick is here with more artists than ever before.  The organizers expanded the geographic boundaries and added new programs that embrace the eclectic activities of the neighborhood.” – Mary Negro, “Bushwick Just Got Bigger: Open Studios This Weekend” Artcritical 5/30/2013

“A no-brainer: start the day with a mimosa. You deserve it.” – Whitney Kimball, “The AFC Guide to Bushwick Open Studios” Art Fag City 5/29/2013

“So far Bushwick still has the unbridled, imperfect D.I.Y. enthusiasm of an experiment where anything can happen.” – Jaime Rojo and Steven Harrington, “Bushwick Is Hot Now. Hurry!” Huffington Post Arts and Culture 5/29/2013

Totally free and accessible to both the art-newbie and hardened critic, it’s a perfect occasion to stroll about town, gathering up some new visual culture.” – Sara Christoph, “Bushwick Open Studios, Now with Zones” Brooklyn Based 5/29/2013

“If you haven’t attended Bushwick Open Studios before, it’s a great way to meet the neighbors and local artists.” – Cate Corcoran, “More Than 600 Shows at Bushwick Open Studios” The Brownstoner 5/29/2013

“While the initial lure may have been cheap rent, most artists have stayed for the communal vibe and creative stimulation that Bushwick, Brooklyn affords…” – Holly Shen Chaves, “Bushwick Art Scene” Art Finder 5/28/2013

“You can wander around the Brooklyn neighborhood and check out local artists’ works where they made it. It’s free and open to the public. There is also lots of music going on with BOS…” – “Bushwick Open Studios happens this weekend: music includes Greg Saunier, LODRO, Erika Spring, YYY’s Brian Chase & more” Brooklyn Vegan 5/28/2013

“If you doubted artists were transforming this neighborhood, just take one look around you next weekend and prepare to be convinced otherwise.”– Meredith Hoffman, “Biggest Yet Bushwick Open Studios Art Fest Adds Film, DJs and Park Show” DNAinfo New York 5/23/2013

“Curator and performer Ian M. Colletti, best known for heading the Vaudeville Park space, stages an ambitious daylong fest, featuring art-pop luminaries…” – “Moving Forward” Time Out New York 5/22/2013

“…Bushwick Open Studios takes over the eponymous neighborhood and a vast swath of its environs every June… We spoke with several organizers to get an idea of how BOS 2013 is shaping up.” – Paul D’Agostino, “Bushwick Open Studios 2013” Brooklyn Magazine 5/22/2013

“Thanks to further largess from the arts community, Pratt Institute’s Flameproof student exhibition will be coming to Bushwick Open Studios… ‘I think the idea of participation in the art community is much more in evidence in this context, it feels very real, participatory,’ [Pratt professor Greg Drasler] said.” – Mostafa Heddaya, “Bogarting the Flame: Pratt Students Get a Venue at Bushwick Open Studios” Hyperallergic 5/21/2013

“During a hectic weekend of art shows, installations and crowded streets, be sure to stop by Maria Hernandez Park on Sunday, June 2nd and watch the real kids of Bushwick do their thang.” – Ashley Mathus, “The Kids of Bushwick Will Perform During BOS at Maria Hernandez Park” Bushwick Daily 5/20/2013

“…stay home over “MDW” and check out Arts in Bushwick’s Bushwick Open Studios; probably the best weekend to call the ‘wick home all year.” – “Bushwick Open Studios 2013” My Social List 5/13/2013

“In just 3 short weeks, Bushwick will cement its status as the destination for pioneering, progressive art in New York with the seventh annual Bushwick Open Studios.” –  “Fountain and Bushwick Open Studios” Fountain Art Fair

“The self-curated, grassroots community event has become a staple to the neighborhood, and has no comparable counterpart anywhere in New York City.”  – Katarina Hybenova, “Egalitarian Organization Arts in Bushwick Getting Ready for the Biggest Bushwick Open Studios” Bushwick Daily 4/03/13

“‘As visitors nosh, they can wander through 20 Brooklyn artists’ interactive creations and jam to a live band,’ show organizer Deborah Brown said.” – Meredith Hoffman, “Boar’s Head Plant to Host Street Sculpture Party for Bushwick Arts Festival” DNAinfo 3/27/13

“Let’s just say if you’re at all serious about being an artist and you live in Bushwick, you’ve got to take part in Bushwick Open Studios.” – Corinna Kirsch, “2013 Bushwick Open Studios Dates Announced” The L Magazine 1/25/2013

2012 Press

“…the general atmosphere was school-like in a good, utopian way: people working side by side, artists enjoying other artists, Manhattan a mere mirage in the wide Bushwick sky.” Holland Cotter, “The Latest Vibe Moved to Brooklyn: Bushwick Open Studios” New York Times 6/7/2012

“Many exhibits cast an eye inward on the neighborhoods these artists call home, looking at the past in an effort to better understand the present and honoring Arts in Bushwick’s mission to bridge the divide between its new artist community and its longtime residents.” – Sam Goldman, “Bushwick Open Studios Bigger Than Ever: In Its Sixth Year, Arts Festival Spreads Out and Looks Within” Times Newsweekly 6/7/2012

“By turning the first three days of June into an open door free-for-all, BOS brings even the most reclusive artists out to evaluate themselves as part of a community.” – T. Paul Cox, “Bushwick Open Studios: Self-producing an Artistic Frontier since 2006” Hyperallergic 5/30/2012

“What struck us immediately, and held true throughout the day, was the fresh, open, and unselfconscious quality of the artists and the work they were showing.”Kyle Gallup and Phillip Turner, “Bushwick Open Studios, June 2” The Great Gray Bridge 6/3/2012

“As the neighborhood of Bushwick assumes the role of new art nerve center (and hard charging, chatty hormone-infused bohemia), the Street Art that began in Williamsburg at the turn of the millennium is without question a natural companion for the trip.” Steve P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo, “What’s New In Bushwick: A Quick Street Art Survey” Huffington Post Arts and Culture 6/6/2012

“Bushwick was bursting at the seams with thousands of artists, musicians and participants.”Heather Senison, “2012 Bushwick Open Studios Exceeds Expectations”  Brooklyn Downtown Star 6/7/2012

“…a visitor to an artist’s studio has the sole responsibility for, and may undertake the risk of, identifying what is engaging, surprising, and new.”Anne Sherwood Pundyk, “Bushwick Open Studios June 1-3, 2012: Jung Ah Kim’s Studio” Brooklyn Rail 6/13/2012

“The artists’ open doors yielded sights that ranged from astounding to chimerical.”Sara Christoph, “A Haven During Bushwick Open Studios 2012: 56 Bogart” Brooklyn Based 6/8/2012

2011 Press

“There is a noticeable air of professionalism in the group shows in the area, which is certainly encouraged by the new visibility that Bushwick’s art spaces and artists have been garnering from the mainstream media.” – Hrag Vartanian, “Bushwick Open Studios Continues to Grow But at What Cost?” Brooklyn Rail 7/2011

“Looking for New York’s latest hip art hot-spot? I hate to tell you this, but you’re going to have to cross the East River, plunge deep into Brooklyn – and go to Bushwick” – Emily Nathan, “Bushwick Open Studios” Artnet 6/8/11

“The two-day open studio event, which also included musical performances and a film festival, underscored the fact that Bushwick houses a rich artistic vein that is growing in influence.” – Vera Haller, “Arts Thrive in Bushwick” The Huffington Post 6/8/11

2010 Press

NAMED BEST OPEN STUDIO BY THE L MAGAZINE: “Other studio-dense districts like Long Island City, Gowanus, Red Hook and Sunset Park can’t compete with the spectacular quantity and quality of the art being produced in converted warehouses beyond East Williamsburg. Nor does any other neighborhood have a group quite like Arts in Bushwick to get everyone coordinated for a massive one-weekend art party.”  – The L Magazine – full story

“For people whose art forays rarely extend beyond Chelsea’s Thursday-night gallery openings, the festival in Bushwick, Brooklyn, held mostly in alternative spaces, offers entrée into a more underground scene.” –  Melena Ryzik, The New York Times – full story

“Only in New York will you find such a concentrated community of artists… thriving and creating, invading a neighborhood with art and turning it into a way of life.” – Joann Kim, updownacross – full story

“The strength of non-hierarchical organization is a kind of quick, almost viral empowerment and communication, enabling the often diffuse and disparate voices of artists and creative types to remain largely independent while also forming a larger, collective voice.” –  James Yeh, The Greenpoint Gazette – full story

“The weekend gives artists the opportunity to network with other artists, curators, collectors and other creative professionals and admirers on their own terms. It simultaneously helps build the reputation of Bushwick as a growing creative community while embracing neighborhood residents and other local groups as well as those looking in with a curious eye from other locations.” – Risa Shoup, The Huffington Post – full story

“The atmosphere was one of shared ideals and common, though varied, creativity: rooms full of art waiting to be discovered, hiding behind endless grey doors in cream corridors; the experience was surreal and infinitely intriguing.” Sophie Hill, Underground on Broadway – full story

“But more than the volume and variety of work on display during the event, the single greatest achievement of Bushwick Open Studios might be the opportunity it provides for visitors to interact with artists on their own turf, and to observe the dramatic influence that the environment and its creative community have had on one another.” – Rachel Simhon, The Avant Guardian – full story

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Bushwick Open Studios (2007 – 2009)

“..the not-for-profit arts festival in Bushwick conforms nearly perfectly to our romantic fantasies about what an arts community ought to be.” – Benjamin Sutton, The L Magazine – full story

“New York art critic Jerry Saltz recently described the thriving scene in Bushwick as the “closest thing to the ’80s East Village.” And Bushwick’s culture producers do tend to run their DIY galleries out of living rooms, storefronts and forsaken industrial spaces. But behind the neighborhood’s creative mayhem, there’s a distinctly organized, promotion-savvy streak.” – Anne Wehr, WNYC – full story

“Who needs Chelsea?” – Melena Ryzik, New York Times – full story

“When artists collaborate in exhibitions at events such as Bushwick Open Studios, they become engaged beyond the borders of their lofts and begin to think about other ways of becoming involved with their community.” – Aaron Short, BushwickBK – full story

“Geographically free from the pretense of the Chelsea art market, art is at play. There is one condition: with freedom comes social responsibility.” – Alex Callender, NY Art Beat – full story

SITE Fest (2009-2011)

“Can you throw a two-day do-it-yourself performance festival if you don’t actually have a theater space to perform in? In East Williamsburg, the answer is yes.” – Aaron Short, Courier Life – full story

“Mixed experiences drove home the fact that the SITE weekend is all about works in progress, and ultimately all performance is just that. As a testing bed, the festival is a success.” – Paul Cox, Bushwick BK – full story

“Art was alive in Brooklyn last weekend as Arts in Bushwick celebrated local music, dance and theatre performances through out the city as part of the second annual SITE Fest.” – Ashley Bressler, Greenpoint Gazette – full story

“SITE—like BETA and BOS—places a heavy emphasis on the geography, culture and arts community of Bushwick in particular. The fact that the festival happens on a street level—essentially asking all visitors to take on the role of the eternal flaneur (the very concept of which suggests the participant-observer dialectic)—breaks down the barriers between gallery and street, art and life.” – Juliet Linderman, The Greenpoint Gazette – full story

“Performers of all genres — comedians, dancers, concert promoters and directors — all spoke about having the freedom to fail.  Bushwick’s bars, warehouse lofts, studios and former hotels all serve the important purpose of allowing a place for creative expression without the pressure of critical review or ticket sales. “ – Aaron Short, Bushwick BK – full story

BETA Spaces (2007-2010)

“I applaud the ambition of Arts in Bushwick in organizing an event like BETA. Coordinating diverse groups working with augmented reality interventions to a panel of discussions with local curators, music, and exhibitions must have been exhausting, but in my opinion, it was totally worth it.” – Jorge Martin, Hyperallergic – full story

“There is something earnest about artists opening their homes to the public. Connecting the disparate parts and artworks of Beta Spaces was a strong feeling of geographic specificity. (…) That’s what Beta Spaces seems largely about—the intersection of a place, its people and art.” – L.O., The Economist – full story

“Overall the vibe felt about as far removed from the typical “gallery experience” as possible, making most observers feel like they were really in on the ground floor of the Bushwick scene as it happens.” – Joel Myers, BushwickBK – full story

“The resulting array of colorful and diverse outdoor installations created an atmospheric blend of the ordinary and the extraordinary, the urban and the artistic, and seemed to turn Bushwick, at least for one afternoon, into a sort of dream-like cityscape.” – Juliet Linderman, The Greenpoint Gazette – full story

“[BETA Spaces] provides curators with an opportunity to develop their vision and collaborate with artists in order to produce a strong exhibit, which is what professional gallery and museum curators do for a living.”  – Aaron Short, Courier News – full story