Mutual Aid At Its Best: A Local Bushwick Restaurant is Fundraising to Feed New York’s Frontline Healthcare Workers

It’s a familiar story by now in the time of COVID-19: our favorite small businesses are being shuttered as nearly everyone practices social distancing and many self-quarantine, while our city’s healthcare providers work overtime to save the lives of those impacted by the new virus. On the one hand, underwork; on the other, overwork. 

Enter Jon Gneezy and Jorge Mdahuar, co-owners of The Deep End. The Deep End is a small restaurant, bar, and venue space located on the border of Bushwick and Ridgewood. In its three years of operation, The Deep End has been a haven for all manner of people, boasting femme queer dance parties, hip hop nights, video game parties, and all manner of drag and circus. 

On Sunday, March 29th, The Deep End launched an innovative mutual aid project designed to do what they do best — bring people together over delicious comfort food. Through a GoFundMe, they are fundraising to deliver free catering to our healthcare heroes. They have already partnered with Wyckoff Heights Medical Center and Brooklyn Hospital, two of the largest hospitals in Brooklyn, and will begin delivering dinner to the evening staff this week. They are inviting additional hospitals and frontline health centers to request food — if demand gets too high, they know plenty of other restaurants who need the business! 

This is an excellent example of mutual aid amidst this pandemic. People coming together to help each other, each using the skills at which they excel. It is a great reminder that we all have something to offer in this pandemic — just because we aren’t doctors or nurses does not mean we can’t radically improve the lives of those around us. 

Byline: Emma Kaywin