Frequently Asked Questions

23 FAQs

  • How do I retrieve a lost password?

    If you do not remember your username and password, enter your email address into the lost password page. Be sure to add to your safe senders list and check your spam folder, just in case.

  • What if I registered and did not receive email confirmation?

    Be sure to add to your safe senders list and check your spam folder, just in case.

  • I tried to register and it says my account already exists, what do I do?

    That means you already have an account and can log in. Enter your email address or username into the lost password page if you cannot remember your password. Be sure to add to your safe senders list and check your spam folder, just in case.

  • How do I add my event to the calendar?

    All event listings, for BOS or otherwise, can be created from the Members menu at the top of any page, or from your profile page. You can add a new event or edit an existing one from here. You must have a paid membership to add events. Please do not create a new location unless your location is not listed as an option when you add a new event.

  • How do I edit my event listing?

    To edit, click on the menu item My Account > Edit My Events or visit your profile page and click on the events tab.

  • How do I list my studio location?

    You are probably trying to create an event listing, which you can with a membership, under the menu My Account. As a member adding locations, note that if you are in a building with multiple studios, galleries or businesses, your address may already be in our database and you should not create a new location page. If your address exists in our database it will be listed in the drop down menu and you may choose it when you create a new event. The only reason you should add a new location page is if your location is not available on the event page as an option.

  • What if my location does not exist?

    You can search the locations page to see if your address already exists in the database.

    If your address location is not listed there you may add a new location page under My Account > Add Locations.

    Please use the address of your building as the name, ex. "100 Smith Avenue," unless your building has a distinct name that it is known by to the general public.

    Please do not name a location page for your studio, business or gallery unless it takes up the entirety of the building address in which you are located.

  • What is the correct photo size for my web listing?

    All of your photos should be maximum 700x700 pixels and and less than 10MB. You can add one featured image which will show with the excerpt of your event description, and you can add additional photos to the body of your listing using the visual editor.

  • How many photos can I upload to my calendar listing?

    You can upload one featured photo that will be associated with the event in the directory, and you may also add as many photos as you want to the body of the event page by clicking "Add Media" above the content box.

  • What are Artists Seeking Classifieds? How can I find or share space to show my work during BOS?

    If you are in need of space or have space to share during BOS, create a Artists Seeking listing. This is where you can post a description and images of what you have/need and it will appear on the Artists Seeking page. To add your listing, go to Content > Classifieds > click Create New > add information about your needs or space > save. This is appropriate if you have space and a theme and wish to curate your own space. If you wish to offer space for others to curate, you can submit to our venue open call.

  • Should I join a group?

    You can join the Bushwick Open Studios group to get updates directly to your profile page under your group info.

    You can also request to join organizer groups for the youth, blog and event committees to get more involved in AiB's day to day operation and development by visiting the Groups page.

  • Should I make an individual account or one for my collective?

    In most situations you should have your own individual account. if you are creating individual work, you will want to have your own profile to submit work for AiB programs. If you share a studio, each artist can create a profile and form a group together, where their event listing is available for each individual to access for editing.

  • When I try to register why is it telling me my username is not valid?

    Your username must be one word, without spaces and no capital letters.

  • Should I use my address as a username?

    No. This should probably just be your name or a name you make up. This will be visible to the public.

  • How do I minimize the email I get from AiB?

    Go to your profile and click on Settings to update your email address and which emails you would like to receive about activity on this website.

  • If I registered for BOS before 2015 do I need to do it again?

    Yes. The username and password you used for years up to and including 2014 is no longer active. As of 2015 the website was rebuilt and all artists must at least create a free account to submit work for open calls. BOS registration and all submissions of work for AiB programs require each individual to have your own account.

  • What happens on my profile page?


    All content updates can be made from the Account menu, which will appear when you have a membership plan. Please upgrade to a membership plan to add content. Open call submissions may be made with a free account.

    Log in or click on your profile > then either Edit or Change Photo. To edit your Directory details, click on Directory Listing.


    You can add and edit your event listings by clicking on My Account menu > "Add New Listing" to start a new web listing or "Edit Listing" to edit existing listings.


    You can post classified ads for free, for sale, or barter by clicking on My Account > My Classifieds on your profile page. To browse ads, click on Artists Seeking under the Resources tab.


    From your profile you can click on Activity to post status updates, links and videos in the community activity feed.

  • What is membership?

    Arts in Bushwick and Bushwick Open Studios registration now begins with creating a  account on this website and joining a membership level.

    Once you create an account you will have a profile on this site from which you can participate in all AiB open calls. Membership levels have access to register for annual programming, including creating a Bushwick Open Studios event listing, classified ad or participating in the organizing efforts within our community.

    What was previously a Bushwick Open Studios registration fee is now going to become your annual membership dues with Arts in Bushwick. Membership includes the cost of participating in BOS by posting an event listing for your studio, which will be listed on maps at hub locations and in the AiB web app.

    Membership with Arts in Bushwick helps us to sustain this community without needing big ticket sponsorship. AiB believes in the power of bringing together a lot of small donors to support accessible volunteer-led community content and programming without corporate sponsorship.

    That said, we are introducing a few new levels of membership that will help us create and sustain the programming we want to see all year around; in addition to artist memberships, we now also have membership levels for non-profits, galleries and small businesses to create visibility for themselves in Bushwick.

  • What is my membership going to do for me?

    Once you have logged in you will land on your new Arts in Bushwick profile page. Once you have a membership this is where all of your account information, event listings, email settings, and public profile information can be edited.

    We have new features on our website that will benefit all levels of membership!

    Membership on now includes the ability for Bushwick artists and residents to connect in a hyperlocal and creative way and is not limited to Bushwick Open Studios weekend.

    Members may:
    add location information to the Bushwick map
    post classified ads to offer, sell and trade items craigslist-style
    join groups to organize & volunteer locally
    list events in Bushwick throughout the year on our community calendar

    Your profile will allow you to do a lot of new things that will seem familiar if you frequent social media. You can add friends, share status updates with links, photos and video to the community activity feed. You can also private message and join groups.

    Every member will be listed in the Arts in Bushwick Member's Directory by category and allow you to be found by other members of the community. You can request friends, send them private messages and invite them to your event.

    Please make a note of your username and password since you will need it to edit your profile.

  • Membership "cancelled"

    If your subscription for recurring membership payments was cancelled, you will still have an active membership for one year. If you would like to participate in BOS next year, your subscription will need to be renewed on the same day you purchased it, in the following year. For more on this, visit My Account > Account Settings.


  • Creating a Group Event

    The direct link to create a group is

    You can choose the privacy level of your group, add a photo and description and invite your collaborators. You must be friends to send them invitations. Visit the member directory to find their profiles.

    When adding an event listing, use the option to add your event to a group. All moderators of your group will have the ability to edit the event listing and add new events to the group. General members of your group cannot edit events, but they can join your group discussion and be notified of comments in their profile dashboard, and via email notifications (set in account settings).

  • I changed my password and now I can't login, what do I do?

    Some browsers save settings related to your username and password. If you are not able to login after you change your password, please clear your browser history or try a different browser, which you have not used to login to before.

  • Why do you have subscription based memberships? Can I get a refund if I'm not participating this year?

    We are an all volunteer organization run by consensus and the work of registering every artist, every year, has become very burdensome upon our volunteers.
    Automating our membership process helps to support our year round community work and also allows members to add their event listings in Bushwick throughout the year and during Bushwick Open Studios.
    If you would like to cancel, you may do so under your account settings, and you will have an active membership for one year, at which point you will have to renew on your deadline.
    We are happy to refund anyone who was charged and does not want to proceed with another year of membership. Please contact support to get started. Please note if you need a refund, the fastest way to process that is by contacting us through our support system.