Westernized, Watered-down Zen Philosophies… an exhibition of ceramics, sculpture and performance

June 6, 2015-June 7, 2015, 12:00 pm-6:00 pm

Hosted by Andrew Cornell Robinson at 18-66 Troutman

Fred Frelinghuysen presents is a curatorial platform to showcase art, design and interdisciplinary works from music and dance to site specific interventions.

Knitted film Detail by Greg Climer

Detail of a knitted work of sequential images transformed into a film.

Please join us during the Bushwick Open Studios for a showcase of the interdisciplinary imaginations of local sculptors, musicians, makers and performers that examine multi-disciplinary strategies for adopting, adapting and creating; resulting in transgressions of form, craft and the resulting ideas that arise out of watered down, misguided, and at times humorous interpretations of media, tools, techniques and traditions.

Featuring new work by…
Greg Climer, fashion designer, sculptor
Hee Chan Kim, sculptor, woodworker
Angelo Jones, architect, sculptor
Jonathan Niederer, urban designer, videographer
Andrew Cornell Robinson, sculptor, ceramist, maker
Brett Sroka, composer, musician, sound artist
Brian Andrew Whiteley, sculptor, painter, performer

Table Stack by Andrew Cornell Robinson, Ceramic, Wood, Metal

Table Stack by ceramist and sculptor Andrew Cornell Robinson, Ceramic, Wood, Metal.

At the core of this group of makers is an understanding of the value and benefits of working creatively and divergently in and outside of their core disciplines. A sculptor who dresses up as Big Foot and paints pictures of unicorns; a trombonist composing music out of found sounds and technologies; a potter designing dystopian office furniture; a woodworker creating a “3-D” print by hand; a fashion designer knitting one hundred yards of sequential images that are transformed into a film… each person in this exhibition transgress the boundaries of their craft. Please join us to see new work, meet new friends and enjoy some good cheer.

Join us during the Bushwick Open Studios and see this work and new works by a group of sculptors, musicians and interdisciplinary artists, makers and designers at 18-66 Troutman Street, Car Park, Ridgewood, New York, 11385

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