#SAVEARTSPACE: Nyssa Frank & Brandon Sines

June 1, 2015-June 28, 2015, All Day

Hosted by #SAVEARTSPACE at #SAVEARTSPACE: Nyssa Frank & Brandon Sines

Nyssa Frank is the owner and founder of The Living Gallery, which opened in April of 2012. Her passion lies in working with emerging artists and the Bushwick community, providing a platform for their dreams to manifest. In addition, Nyssa is currently working on her own body of artwork, exploring mediums such as clay and painting. She has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, USA Today and the Huffington Post. Bushwick’s future and her own future are woven together on many levels, and thus she is here today, to listen and share her views.

Brandon Sines, born in Los Angeles in 1986, is a painter and street artist. Sines grew up in Toronto, Canada, and moved to NYC in 2010, creating his iconic character, Frank Ape, in 2011. Frank Apes can be found painted, wheat pasted and stickered in NYC. Sines first solo presentation was in 2013 at the Living Gallery in New York. Frank Ape art has been purchased by people all over the world, including Canada, Japan, Germany, Bangkok and Norway. Notable collectors include Solange, who owns 4 original Franks pieces and photographer Richard Misrach who has several non-Frank pieces. In 2014, Frank Ape appeared on Project Runway, where designer, Amanda Valentine, transformed an original Frank canvas into a crop top on the runway, and dubbed Frank the “Psychedelic Yeti.” Sines has no formal art education. Sines lives and works in New York City.

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