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112 Waterbury Street / L @Grand

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    Nothing Twice

    March 10, 2017-March 26, 2017, All Day
    Hosted by Etty Yaniv

    Seven women are featured in this group show with works by Julia Von Eichel, Helen O'Leary, Leah Tacha, Nancy Baker, Jaynie Crimmins, Christina Massey, and Etty Yaniv, curated by Etty Yaniv Read More

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Author: Etty Yaniv

Etty Yaniv works on her art and art writing in Brooklyn. She holds BA in Psychology and English Literature from Tel Aviv University, BFA from Parsons School of Design, and MFA from SUNY Purchase. In her installation work She is integrating mediums such as drawing, photography and painting to form three dimensional immersive environments.