Lawrence Mesich | 17-17 Troutman #214 | new video and sculpture work

October 1, 2016-October 2, 2016, 12:00 pm-7:00 pm

Hosted by Lawrence F Mesich at 17-17 Troutman Street

Lawrence Mesich’s media work explores moments when bodies and buildings intersect, and their political and social effects. He uses corporate aesthetics and dry wit to frame these subjects as both singular entities and containers for complex systems.

His recent work focuses on the image and infrastructure of tall buildings, treating these structures as entities that embody the institutions they’re designed to contain. He manipulates the images of these buildings – bending, twisting, elongating them – to parallel the distortions and shifting narratives that institutions use to construct their identities.


Highest and Best Use (388 Bridge St.) Highest and Best Use (388 Bridge St.), 2016

Distributed Risk, 2015 Distributed Risk, 2015











His other work examines minute relationships between people and interiors, and the social and ideological systems they produce together. He draws attention to ‘boring’ subjects – mundane rituals and repetitive gestures, workplace layouts, formulaic furniture – and amplifies their absurdity to explore how large an impact these small and often invisible things can have on everyday experiences.

hair.pref, 2016 (video still) hair.pref, 2016 (video still)

His projects have examined the anonymizing effects of institutional interiors and self-help texts on workplace interactions, explored the expectations and behavioral mandates of soap opera and film noir conventions, and posited an infinite skyscraper as a symbol of complex financial systems run amok.


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