Debra Ramsay Hue(s)pace

September 9, 2016-October 9, 2016, 1:00 pm-6:00 pm

Hosted by ODETTA at ODETTA

With a faithful allegiance to geometry and its capacity to reveal profound truths, Debra Ramsay works with mathematical logic to generate or guide form in precise ways. In Hue(s)pace Ramsay become the conduit for the arrangement of shape and the placement of color, thus making time visible in her paintings.

Debra Ramsay gathers her quantitative visual information about changes in color through repetitive and serial systems. Once she develops the system for a specific project, what remains is a form of meditation. What we gain is a time-lapse record of color’s shifts as seasons and life cycles change.

The artist will be creating a sculptural installation on site here at ODETTA.

In the Flat Files: ODETTA’s Flat Files are curated and change with every exhibit. Hue[s]pace will feature works by Elizabeth Gourlay, Debra Ramsay and Audrey Stone.

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ODETTA exhibits works by mid-career artists who have honed their craft and their vision. Directed by artist Ellen Hackl Fagan, special interest is given to contemporary painting, glyphs, music, Color Field, Buddha Mind, Minimalism, a touch of humor, and encyclopedic obsessiveness.