#becausecapitalism @ Shwick Market

June 4, 2015-June 7, 2015, 12:00 am

Hosted by Nicole Brydson at SHWICK

The #BECAUSE project is about appropriation, filters and assumptions that we make about other people, ideas, places, ANYTHING, without considering context. Video, photos, stickers, prints, t-shirts and more available for the first time at BOS and at because.interchang.es.


Art, Technology and Freedom on the Internet
A talk with Paul Garrin and Nicole Brydson
Sunday, June 7 at 2pm

East Village technologist Paul Garrin is known for saying ‘running code beats running mouths,’ and his experience doing so over decades backs it up. From his first emergence as an international media artist, collaborator with Fluxus icon and video art pioneer Nam June Paik; to his infamous ‘Reverse Big Brother’ footage of the NYPD during Tompkins Square Riots; his eventual shift to engineering and technology brought Garrin to the edges of where all of his disciplines intersect. In 1996, Garrin with his company NAME.SPACE established the top level domain .NYC and hundreds more; he currently operates WIFINY, launched in 2003, one of the only cooperative community WIFI projects in New York City. His legal cases have impacted the domain name market lowering prices for consumers, and he is currently awaiting arguments be heard in an anti-trust lawsuit NAME.SPACE filed against ICANN. Recently featured in New Museum Ideas City, Paul is currently working on the Cooper Lumen, a solar-powered wifi hotspot safety light and charging station using alternative energy to spread resilient community wireless broadband in public spaces.

Artist, journalist and entrepreneur Nicole Brydson is the founder of Misfit Media, designer of the new artsinbushwick.org. Nicole is showing her #BECAUSE project at SHWICK during BOS 2015. She is also the publisher of BrooklynTheBorough.com and a native of New York City, who has participated in outsider cultural and political movements since childhood, going on to study political science, film and art history at Harvard. She previous covered a variety of cultural beats as a reporter for the New York Observer among other publications, founding Misfit Media in 2009, an interdisciplinary consultant and digital designer for independent film, art and technology projects. Nicole was a solo speaker at South by Southwest Interactive 2014 on building a new digital landscape with artist-driven maker media.


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