Fabi Fortune

Fabi Fortune is a young hip-pop artist from Bushwick that creates energy fueled music that resonates with how he feels. While being an energetic performer he also unites people from his community through music.

Instagram: @fabi.fortune

Lil Bebes

I go by the name lilbebes and I’m 22 years old. I was raised in Staten Island, but Brooklyn is where my heart lays. I sing, I rap, & I do poetry. Never put me in one category, just like my mixed race I like to be more than one thing. Art is a form of freedom, & all I ever wanted to be was free.

Instagram: @thereallilbebes

Reck Millz

I’ve been doing music my whole life from the age of 12. I was raised in a church which is how I learned to play 2 instruments, drums and piano. Although I played instruments music was overall what I enjoyed the most, especially rap.

Instagram: @reckmillz

Splish Splash Studio is an art and DJ collective consisting of Lauren Franklin, Alex Sanchez, and Charlie DiMascio. The goal of the collective is to emphasize the power of collaboration, share creative spaces and platforms, and contribute to urban culture and the community.

Instagram: @splishsplashstudio
Website: splishsplash.studio, https://www.mixcloud.com/splishsplashstudio/