Artist Spotlight: Ashland James

Artist Spotlight: Ashland James

As Bushwick Open Studios 2019 approaches, we will be highlighting some of the participating artists for a chance to get to know them while checking out some of their work!

Ashland James, Bushwick Open Studios 2019 Artist

It was when Georgia-raised Ashland moved to central Florida that he grew the most as an artist. References to his upbringing in Clermont can often be found in his artwork, where he uses a mix of acrylic, digital, ink, and photography. Citrus tower, a local landmark, is one of the images that makes a frequent appearance. “Your art should be as personal as your fingerprint,” says Ashland who takes influence from all of his surroundings. Also a videographer and scenic designer, it goes without saying that the artist is an extremely visual person. “I love looking at pictures more than listening to music.” Ashland is ready to bring his art outside of his studio in Florida and in front of different eyes where he hopes new feelings will develop around his work.

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