Cheri’s Bedstuy

Cheri’s Bedstuy

Standing on 216 Malcolm X Boulevard is a gem known as Cheri’s Bedstuy. Owned by a very charismatic black woman, the restaurant specializes in Southern soul food cooking. The staff are very pleasant and easy-going. The décor paired with the amazing R&B selection played throughout the restaurant makes a relaxing and welcoming place to dine at.

Cheri’s offers brunch and dinner entrees, as well as an array of appetizers, desserts, and drinks which include a tasty rum punch:

I’ve visited Cheri’s about 4 times in total and have tried different entrees each time but the potato salad and candied yams are indeed my favorite sides!

Southern fried chicken with potato salad and candied yams
garlic sautéed shrimp with potato salad and candied yams

Make sure to stop by Cheri’s Bedstuy and follow their IG @cherisbedstuy!

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