BAM! #bluhop between Skyscrapers and Mountain Streams

BAM! are the artists Bosch, Ara Savala, Mii. We are bicoastal music makers playing somewhere between skyscrapers and high mountain streams. We’ve come together as a traveling pyramid a hundred thousand years in the making. Three rising stars, three hearts united.

#bluhop is our art, and joy.

What are five hashtags that describe your work?

#yeee #hailmary #whatisgoingon #bambambam #bluhop

What is your artist origin story?

BAM! incarnated in the Dead Head sanctuaries of the far West before being summoned by the crystal mountains of the East. We recognized each other, and remembered. Our initiation continues to unfold.

What is your favorite medium right now and why do you love it?

We love heavy bass, honesty, bravery, and vulnerability in whatever form we find them.

What is on the horizon for your work in the next year?

Follow us to California! We’re going back to the Bay for a minute, sitting a Vipassana in Massachusetts for ten days, and playing as many shows as possible.

How has being in Bushwick influenced your work?

Bushwick welcomes all our weird. We brought our recording equipment to a grimy, magical apartment, cooked up some tunes, danced with abandon, sang to ourselves, yelled out the windows, saw our friends’ art in the streets, and smiled.

What Bushwick artists do you admire and why?

We love Nicole Brydson, founder of Misfit Media and Interchanges, for her unwavering integrity and commitment to uplifting artists of all kinds.

Tell us your most memorable exchange during Bushwick Open Studios.

We stumbled upon a beautiful hyena suspended in many panels of glass that held our gaze and spun us in circles.


Was there something you want to share that was not asked?

We love you.

You can learn more about BAM! here.

As part of the Arts in Bushwick activities and events, like Community Day and Bushwick Open Studios, we are showcasing the many artists participating.

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