Arts in Bushwick Polaroid Portrait by Nick McManus: Seeking Space 2016

As AiB’s community day approaches this Saturday, June 17 at House of YES, we wanted to share some of Nick McManus’ best Polaroid group portraits and we’re starting with a triple panorama from opening night of Bushwick Open Studios Seeking Space 2016 group show at David & Schweitzer Contemporary.

It was difficult walking in off the street in the pouting rain and squeezing apple-box through the packed hallway so my camera could see over the 50+ group I was tasked in documenting but well worth it after making that many folks smile together.

Look out for more portraits this week and I can’t wait to see all the smiles at our Community Day at House of Yes!

To participate in Nick’s next Arts in Bushwick group portrait please join us for Community Day on June 17 at House of YES, and be at the main stage by 3:15pm.

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