New York Native Keren Hasson is used to Strange Creatures

What is your bio?

I am a 28 year old native New Yorker, illustrator and printmaker, currently residing in Brooklyn. When I was originally enrolled at Bennington College, Vermont in 2007, I was a student of literature and fine art. In 2011, I transferred to the BFA program at Parsons School of Design, where I passionately studied illustration and printmaking. This is where I discovered silkscreen; which I still pursue professionally in parallel to my career as a freelance illustrator.

I love books about ships, skulls and bones, Rick and Morty, my dogs, and dumplings and pocket shaped foods from all cultures.

What are five hashtags that describe your work?

#strangecreatures #occult #otherworldly #supernatural #dreams

What is your artist origin story?

I was born in the woods under a dark moon, and live alone with my little black fox dog.
At night we run together across the meadows. We eat moths and night blooming flowers. Catchflys, jessamin, and primrose.
We go to sleep when the sun comes up and we wake up in our dreams, living our human lives in Brooklyn.
When night falls in Brooklyn, we go back to sleep to wake up living our nocturnal forest lives.

What is your favorite medium right now and why do you love it?

I work in two spaces, my desk at home and the studio I work in and make my prints. I love my desk space at home because I am surrounded by my plants and windows and its so relaxing when I need to be away from the bustle of my studio building. However I love my studio building because there are huge wall to wall windows with one of the best views of Manhattan I’ve ever seen. Also because I love meeting and collaborating with all of the different artists we share a space with here. Everyone is doing something different and sometimes we help each other out. Its great.

What is on the horizon for your work in the next year?

Within the next year, I’m hoping to start taking some of my work off the two dimensional page; turning some of my creatures and worlds into the 3d world. I also hope to create functional garments from fabrics I print with my designs and work on/or finish/develop my graphic novel “Days of Midnight”. Or at least do some more writing and comic making. And do better at shipping out my orders.

How has being in Bushwick influenced your work?

My discovery of the cheap tall boys that fuel my late night manic printing. Also being surrounded by a close community of artists and stuff.

What Bushwick artists do you admire and why?

I love the BBQ lady on St Nicholas between Troutman and Starr. She’s out there in the summer feeding us with amazing burgers and food ALL DAY and she loves it and we love her!! There’s always a crowd outside her house when shes there. She is the best.

Tell us your most memorable exchange during Bushwick Open Studios.

Someone bought one of my prints, but I hadn’t signed it (accidentally), and was out of the studio for a bit. When I came back after a little while the man who bought my print came back, saying he was waiting for me to sign it. I think I blushed too much and said thank you too much.

If a movie is made about your life, who would play you?

Shannyn Sossamon


You can learn more about Keren Hasson here.

As part of the Arts in Bushwick activities and events, like Community Day and Bushwick Open Studios, we are showcasing the many artists participating.

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