Brooklyn Buzzy Creates in Controlled Chaos

Brooklyn Buzzy is a self-taught artist raising three young children in Brooklyn – living, in what she calls, controlled chaos. Buzzy prefers imperfection and abstraction to reality, seeing life as an experiment in emotion and fun, and why not? The works are heavily layered with different mediums conveying various thoughts and experiences.

The frenetic energy, imagination and pure unreasonable ideas in Buzzy’s day to day tangle her up and make her crazy. This is also the main source of her inspiration which is reflected in her work. “Life can be totally nuts, just go and have the best time you possibly can!”

Each mark Buzzy makes is gestural and sometimes unplanned. The color choices are meant to clash and stand out, the goal is to find the unifying stroke or mark that will stabilize the painting while allowing the energy and emotion to still come through.

What are five hashtags that describe your work?

#abstractartist #colorstudy #brooklynartist #mixedmedia #beautiful

What is your artist origin story?

I have always wanted to be an artist, ever since I was 3 years old.  I remember whenever there was a box of crayons put out in preschool I immediately grabbed the metallics, (gold, copper, and silver).  Since were only 3 no one really questioned it. I was “in charge” of the valuable colors because I was an artist and there were no complaints, at least that I can recall.

Where are you from and how has it influenced your work? 
I have a lot of international influences in my life. My father is Israeli and my husband is from Odessa, Ukraine, and my mother is from Brooklyn, which is where I have been living for the past 14 years.
I think that having so many different approaches to life and coming from a Jewish family with grandparents who survived the Holocaust and in-laws, (and my husband) that had to leave virtually everything behind to immigrate to the states has made me want to make all of the sacrifices, unspeakable grief and careful planning worth it.
I want to be successful as an artist, more importantly I want to show my children how being in a creative space can give a person a sense of peace and power over their life. I want to show my children that life is good, really good – and by being in a creative household it will open their minds and help them to reach THEIR OWN fullest potential. To show that mistakes are often beautiful possibilities and that imperfection should be valued and respected.  Lastly, I want people to enjoy themselves more and to have fun, take a chance!
To quote Dr. Seuss,

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”

What is your favorite medium right now and why do you love it?

I am in the process of renovating a small building in the back of my house. It will serve as a studio space for myself and also as a mini gallery for a women’s collective that I am forming. I love the idea of not only having space- I love the thought of being able to form community and support for other artists.

What is on the horizon for your work in the next year?

I am currently featured in Create Magazine issue IV, after submitting my work for an open call juried by Artistic Moods. They chose two of my paintings to highlight.

I am also working on commissions and in the process of forming a women’s art collective – more on that later.

How has being in Bushwick influenced your work?

I don’t live in Bushwick – sometimes I wish I did. It is so vibrant and it still feels like anything goes here. I admire Bushwick as a whole – it has awesome colorful art everywhere. It feels like anything is possible here.

If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?

My grandmother- on my father’s side. I did not know her as an adult, she was a big and still is a big influence in my life and I just really miss her, I want a hug from her.

In a parallel universe, if you weren’t doing what you are doing, what would you be doing?

I would be traveling and living out of a small bag.

You can learn more about Brooklyn Buzzy here.

As part of the Arts in Bushwick activities and events, like Community Day and Bushwick Open Studios, we are showcasing the many artists participating.

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