Indie Theatrical-Folk singer Hameer Zawawi is Inspired by Video Games

Indie Theatrical-Folk singer-songwriter Hameer Zawawi hails from the vibrant-multicultural city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His songs are mainly inspired by video games, featuring fantasy-like lyrics and epic melodies that depict vast worlds and environments seen within the confines of his small bedroom and backyard.

The debut album NATIONAL FANTASY captures the acoustic origins of Hameer Zawawi within the Malaysian independent circuit. It can be obtained physically via live shows, or digitally through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc. Hameer’s 2017 performance roster so far includes shows in the US (Los Angeles, Anaheim, New York), the United Kingdom (London, Brighton, Glasgow), Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown, Johor Bahru).

What are five hashtags that describe your work?

#Indie #Theatrical #Folk #Nusantara #Singersongwriter

What is your artist origin story?

I come from a family of music composers based in Malaysia and after 4 years of actively performing for Malaysian-based festivals and shows, have decided to travel out for the first time.

I spent 3 months (MARCH 2017) touring Europe and America having played featured shows in Germany (Cologne, Berlin, Leipzig), United Kingdom (London, Brighton, Glasgow) and the US (Los Angeles, Anaheim, NYC) with the highlight of it being my show at House of Blues, Anaheim and Rockwood Music Hall, NYC.

What is your favorite medium right now and why do you love it?

Total creative control in what I write and perform, positive feedback from the audience especially those who are musically-knowledgeable and inclined, exploring new grounds and new acts that further inspire my creative thought process, as well as learning new ways to engage with audiences and communities from different various backgrounds.

What is on the horizon for your work in the next year?

I’ve been hard at work to finishing up new material slated for release in Q4 of 2017. Part of that process involves me working with producer Phil Carroll in NYC who has been running Recording Artists Development Inc. for the past 14 years. My new material will be a step up from my acoustic origins as a singer-songwriter.

How has being in Bushwick influenced your work?

The culture shock of seeing how QTPOC communities take pride and embrace individuality so openly that is so rarely seen (cause its borderline illegal) in Malaysia has definitely left an impact on me as an individual. As sign of me supporting the cause, my last show involved me performing for a QTPOC monthly showcase in Starr Bar, Brooklyn. Besides, my originals compositions have always been about emphasizing the freedom of the mind and body, hence it was always in line of my beliefs.

If a movie is made about your life, who would play you?

Dev Patel

If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?

Jeff Buckley, cause his vocal runs are eerily similar to mine (by coincidence).

In a parallel universe, if you weren’t doing what you are doing, what would you be doing?

One-man video game developer

You can learn more about Hameer Zawawi here.

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