Paper Artist Hillary Mégroz Translates Nature Into Paper

Founder and creator, Hillary Mégroz, is a self-taught paper artist and design professional living in Brooklyn. Best known for her paper perennials, Hillary’s handmade paper creations tailor individual experiences’ that literally last a lifetime!

For the past 12-years, Hillary worked in the NYC media industry, beginning her career at Meredith Publishing, and has included executive marketing & creative roles at MTV, NBC, and Most recently, along with partner Charles Pastore, Hillary founded UNRULY Collective, a Bushwick-based art collective.

What are five hashtags that describe your work?

#creations #paper #flowers #handmade #nyc

What is your artist origin story?

I have always been a super creative person and lover of DIY, but the inspiration for my paper flowers came from a dream (TRUE story). At the time I was living in the East Village and dreamt I decorated Tompkins Square Park with giant paper flowers–prior to this, I had never made a paper flower in my life. When I woke up, I emailed everyone I knew and told them to start saving tissue paper for me, and the rest is history :).

What is your favorite medium right now and why do you love it?

I love working with paper- since there are SO many kinds of paper, as well as techniques I have yet to discover, the possibilities are endlessly enticing. Also, there are very few artists who specialize in paper flowers, so it’s exciting to be part of a small art movement where original innovation is still very possible.

What is on the horizon for your work in the next year?

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by very talented artists, so I am really looking forward to upcoming collaborations. Whether its weaving my flowers into a performance at UNRULY or collaborating on a mossy paper-flower wall for a bedroom tree-house, I can only hope for great growth in my work.

How has being in Bushwick influenced your work?

It is especially inspiring to be surrounded by SO many artists in Bushwick! The street art is incredibly powerful and the vibrant colors are definitely reflected in my flowers.

What Bushwick artists do you admire and why?

Anton Vitkovskiy (Bushwick Artist, currently showing at UNRULY Collective)
I have never met an artist more dedicated and passionate about his craft- I have had the pleasure of working with Anton and watching him work and it’s truly magnificent. His incredibly huge body of work, combined with this raw talent and extreme dedication are truly something to admire and strive after.

Tell us your most memorable exchange during Bushwick Open Studios.

This is my first experience with Bushwick Open Studios, so I don’t have any memories, YET.

If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?

DEAD: Andy Warhol, Hill Rebay, Caravaggio
ALIVE: Lady Gaga, Barbra Walters, Hillary Clinton
Ideally, it would be a group dinner for both the living & the dead 🙂

In a parallel universe, if you weren’t doing what you are doing, what would you be doing?

Since I know so little about the finance world (I don’t have a numbers brain!), I always thought it would be fun, just for the day, to work at a big, shiny Wall Street firm- as a badass, designer pantsuit-wearing, stats & coding genius, eat-men-for-breakfast, super power-chick kind of way. I am sure this is the LEAST likely answer you will get to this question 🙂

Was there something you want to share that was not asked?

I am super excited to be participating for the first time and can’t wait to meet fellow artists, art lovers, and Bushwick neighbors!!!

You can learn more about Hillary Megroz here.

As part of the Arts in Bushwick activities and events, like Community Day and Bushwick Open Studios, we are showcasing the many artists participating.

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