“The Soft And Furry Series #1” by Petra Nimtz

oil on board
16 x 16 inches
Price: $400.00

The works are an exploration of intuitive abstraction. Using my left, non-dominant hand to paint, I use gestural strokes. Color, form and line emerge and coalesce; they come together in unique compositions. This automatic yet controlled process leads to interesting innovations. My eye directs, and I paint in a way that purposely resists muscle memory. It is through this relative lack of control where radiant tensions begin. I do not control what I am doing but allow the right side of the brain to imagine what goes on the canvas. I work spontaneously and without limitation. This process allows me to be creative and without preconceived notions or predetermined characteristics. As a result, the works created are fresh and the paintings become ‘visual diaries of an inner world’.