“Me and Dex” by Ventiko Thephotographer

Photograph on Cotton Lumbar Pillow, 21 x 13 inches, 2016, 2/50 ED
13 x 16 inches
Price: $150.00

Performance of identity through constructed photographic images and performative public interventions is the crux of my work. My practice is an amalgamation of constructed photographic narratives and public interventions that ultimately speak to the idea of identity, or performing identity.
Contemporary digital tools that are available to the modern photographer enable not only; alteration of both the physical and aesthetic appearance, but also allow for (re)construction of new narratives within the framework of the image.
Throughout my relationship with the photographic image, I’ve used these tools to develop a visual language that is rooted in a perversion of the devout as well as, an expression and worship of the Enthusiastic Terror*
This ever-expanding language includes nuances that explain and define social positions from sexuality to the general persona and the state of the “Modern Woman”.

Me and Dex is a self portrait with my infamous domesticated pet peacock, Dexter. We appear in our natural environment, our home in Bushwick.

The original photograph is a 60x 40 inch Digital C print mounted on aluminum with museum plexi. This art object is 2/50 limited edition lumbar cotton pillow.

*The greatest of the six passions (admirations, desire, horror, joy, sadness, and terror) that identifies the Sublime as defined by John Dennis in The Ground of Criticism in Poetry, 1704.