“masked drawing” by Lawrence Swan

ink on paper
10 x 7 inches
Price: $400.00

Lawrence Swan is a painter and writer who makes art with the material/spiritual at hand. He has lived in Brooklyn since 1998. He was born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1954, but his family moved to Palm Beach County, Florida when he was two, and he moved to Cleveland in 1977 to go to art school and get a BFA in painting and then went to Cleveland State to get an MA in philosophy and continued to hang out in Cleveland to become a middle aged artist poet. Having nothing to lose he took his bag of tricks in 1998 to a Brooklyn bomb shelter on South 8th and Bedford and worked at the Borders in the World Trade Center until September 2001. He continued working for the dying bookstore chain at their Park Avenue store and then the Wall Street store until he was laid off. Meanwhile he and Lori Ellison got married and became loft mates and while Borders collapsed into bankruptcy he began showing his work in the emerging Bushwick scene.