“Little Yellow Painting” by Howard Schwartzberg

canvas, wood, paint, foam
12 x 12 inches
Price: $400.00

When painting, I have always explored the materials and process. I have reversed or deconstructed certain aspects of painting while holding on to others as a means to finding a new direction for creating and thinking about the work. The painting materials are reconfigured allowing the paintings to enter the space. Still attached to the wall, the work shows the canvas holding paint in a different way, as if the painting has been turned inside out. The forms are clothed and protected with canvas sometimes sewn, patched, stapled or glued together. The wood stretcher bars are broken and relocated while the canvas is cut and twisted, presenting new places for the paint to go. The pieces have volume affected by gravity and are filled with paint that show color on visible surfaces. The paint is contained within pouches, at times overflowing, but remains flat and mono-colored on the surface. It is the colors and how their surfaces occupy the space that give the paintings their titles; “Four Levels of White” or “Brown Extended to Hot Pink”. The reconstruction of the materials results in a harmonious marriage between sculpture and painting. The work is not a sculpture that is painted; it is simply a painting that is turned inside out.