“Little Monstrosity” by Seren Morey

Ultralight, dispersions a nd glass beads on panel
6 x 6 inches
Price: $500.00

My work represents unseen energy and movement lying beneath the surface of our general perception, both microscopic and macroscopic in origin. Making this work is an effort to retrieve some unknown past or unremembered memories hidden deep in the subconscious. Most recently, the paintings have gone beyond references of biological/botanical morphology and evolved into organic, slightly monstrous, objects that are playful and might be found in some yet to be discovered fairytale world. I like the idea of creating objects that appear to be “living” artifacts dug up from a distant place in the mind. The work is made with many different materials, Ultralight (a sculptural acrylic that can be stretched and pulled like taffy) water-based urethane, glass beads, pigment dispersions and thread. The imagery is organic and visceral with suggestions of innards, bones, fossils, flowers, cells, nerves and veins of both plants and animals that sometimes morph together. Ideally I would like to make work that breathes and is at once fragile, but potentially ominous, embracing all of the pain and beauty that is life.

Seren Morey