“Libra” by Casey Loomis

acrylic and pastels on canvas
12 x 16 inches
Price: $400.00

About Casey Loomis

‘Must we not then renounce the object altogether, throw it to the winds and instead lay bare the purely abstract?’
–Vasily Kandinsky

Color is paramount. Some shapes beg to be acknowledged, others recede. Portals reveal themselves. Bits of frenzied texture dance inside tight fissures. Life pours forward, joy unabashedly seeps out. Play is at its essence.

I am obsessed with not being able to discern what came first, what lies on top. The paradox of the Penrose stairs in abstract form. I am fixated on this despite my process otherwise being completely transparent, exposed on the canvas. I dance around my canvases: surging up to them, fanning back, hopping around. They dance around me as I constantly shift their orientation and tackle them from different planes. What is at the crux of this painting?? I battle with them, studying them from different vantage points and under different lighting. Can I coax them to reveal themselves to me? Sometimes it takes years. I’ll let a painting be, stop badgering it for a couple of years and come back. Now, are you ready? Will you show me yourself? It can be excruciating for me to see a painting through to its end. Sometimes it has achieved its fullest expression long before I catch on. Paintings can be unassuming like that.

I am a Brooklyn-based visual artist, dancer/performer, Pilates instructor, graphic designer, choreographer, costume designer, occasional make-up artist, aesthetic/creative consultant, brainstorming cohort and more. There is much cross-contamination amongst all that I do and make. Learn more here: http://loominous.weebly.com/