“Gardens of habits” by Aneta Wegrzyn

16 x 10 inches
Price: $250.00

“Garden of habits” is a dynamic sculpture which casted shadow is more visible than actual work. It reacts to the movement of the air and changes along with the viewer walking around. The structure of the sculpture is based on Penrose tailing where one can generate uncountably many aperiodic configurations using only two shapes. It’s made of Abakan pulp and string covered with transparent resin.

This work explores the complexity and the (im)possibility of capturing the moment of shift between habits and mind-patterns. It’s a record of seeming repetition of little happenings that drive the every day life. It’s layered, chopped, transformed, repeated. The sculpture is in constant movement and in-progress state. The time folds here, the past, the future is now and it’s re-writing itself. The future is in this moment visible as a wholeness of the casted shadow, twisting and dancing in the air becoming what is now.

Aneta Wegrzyn is a Brooklyn based artist. In her works change, dynamics, transience, and flow are always present. As everything is relational and changing, the only way her work can exist is to do the same and it undertakes the theme of transience. Her works have been included in numerous international exhibitions in the USA and Europe. Wegrzyn was awarded the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Award, Fulbright Scholarship and Vermont Studio Residency. She is also a member of ATP Artistic Collective. Aneta is a graduate of the MFA program at the Montclair State University, and holds an MA in painting from Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (2011), Poland.