“DISCONNECTED 2015 (003)” by Erin Ko

Digital painting on aluminum with augmented reality layer
14 x 11 inches
Price: $700.00

Erin Ko is a visual artist from New York. She combines traditional art making methods with new media tools to address our complicated love/hate relationship with technology. She is classically trained and has worked in video games and new media.

Ko’s interactive art plays with Mediated Reality, Collective Consciousness, Transcendence Through Technology, and Layered Experiences. Voyeurs are invited to engage via their smart phones or more traditionally (with their eyes); their experience altered by the amount of technology they’ve invited into their lives.

Ko’s work has recently been exhibited in London, Mexico, Beijing, New York and Berlin.

We are the astronaut; our space suits our devices, social media our sponsors.

We are connected but separate, we seek transcendence, search the void, dependent on technology to lead us through the darkness.

The Astronauts in this series practice mudras, expressing our never-ending attempts at connecting with something bigger than ourselves.

We think the space suit protects us, yet the real accomplishment might be to lose it and touch the universe directly; despite the terror of suffocation.

The viewer is invited to join the astronaut in a (head)space walk via their own technology. A free custom app for iPhone, iPad, Android devices reveals extra layers of content.
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