“Untitled” by Brooke Moyse

Gouache on clayboard
10 x 8 inches
Price: $400.00

Brooke Moyse makes abstract paintings and drawings based in part on the shapes and movements of plants at home and in the landscape. The works vary in size while maintaining a looseness of composition and intimacy of touch, paired with a bold color sensibility. She has exhibited at Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Philadelphia, David Klein Gallery in Bloomfield Hills and Detroit, MI, and Sundaram Tagore Gallery in Singapore. In New York at Loretta Howard Gallery, Kathryn Markel Fine Art, South First, Brian Morris Gallery, Storefront, Norte Maar, and Momenta Art, among others. In fall 2012 she curated an exhibition at NURTUREart Gallery titled The escape from the banal everyday life to the world of the ideal. Brooke received an MFA from NYU and a BA from Bard College, and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.