“untitled 72” by Ian Etter

Acrylic and Flashe on Paper
12 x 14 inches
Price: $400.00

Untitled 72 is part of a body of work that begins with small plasticine sculptures, which and scanned using a 3D scanner, re-rendered by three-dimensional software and translated into an acrylic work on paper through the use of vinyl plotters. This drawing is then re-scanned, converted into digital information, and finally re-rendered by three-dimensional software. This series of translations allow for a close exploration of the drawing’s topography that is similar to the viewpoint of an exploratory rover. The imagery from this second digital landscape is collected, exported, and translated into the mediums of print, painting, and video.

This body of work was developed in reference to the telemetric systems that are currently in use to explore the cosmos. Space telescopes convert a physical stimulus (light) into electrical signals, or raw data. In order to be analyzed and understood, that information must be converted into a file that can be read over multiple representational platforms, both numerically and visually. Interpreting these data requires translation, which occurs at several levels as the astronomers prepare the data for interpretation. The resultant images, especially those presented to the public, have gone through several stages of adjustment for both informative and aesthetic reasons.

In this body of work, the sculptures function as the phenomena of the universe, all of that which can only be understood through telemetric analysis. The derivatives of the sculptures mirror the entropic nature of translating information across formats.