“Treasure Trap” by Rob de Oude

oil on panel
12 x 12 inches
Price: $1,600.00

The paintings and drawings I make are composed of meticulously placed repeated lines. The lines reveal self-generated geometric shapes and patterns. The repeated use of a single unit, a straight line, displays the infinite possibilities of a synchronized effort. Overlapping bands and grids of colors and collisions of angled lines create an elusive sense of space, shifting colors, moire effects and deceptively bending lines. In juxtaposing an intuitive use of color, rhythm, composition and layering choices with a systematic mode of painting, I use the space between intuition and methodology to seek an orchestrated balance, with a single line as building unit.

Rob de Oude studied painting, sculpture and art history at the Hoge School voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam and SUNY Purchase, NY. He has shown in the US and abroad, notably at: Galerie Gourvennec Ogor in Marseille, France, Storefront Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY, McKenzie Fine Art in New York, NY, BRIC Rotunda in Brooklyn, NY, Galerie van den Berge in Goes, NL, City Ice Arts in Kansas City, MO, DM Contemporary in New York, NY, and has participated in art fairs in the US and Europe. De Oude has been featured a.o. in the NY Post, L Magazine, Artnet Magazine, NYArts Magazine, The New Criterion, Bushwick Daily, ARTNews. He has his studio in Brooklyn, NY, and is co-director of Transmitter, in Brooklyn, NY.