“The Lovers Finally Together” by Elliot Storey

8.75 x 5.75 inches
Price: $400.00

Additional information about the piece:

This photography shown at Seeking Space, “The Lovers Finally Together”, represents the final image of the short film THE LOVERS (9min23 sec, 2016). Depicting a nude couple surrounded by the city which, itself, takes form through sculpture. It is both a document of the sculpture and the film but also a standalone image as it is the culmination of the film’s narrative and thus has its own internal logic.

Elliot STOREY is a filmmaker, composer, illustrator and sculptor.
His videos / films explore the fine line between cinema and video art.
His interest in the relationship between man and the city emerges as an obsession. This fascination is explored through a dreamlike and musical mise en scene.
The actors and dancers wander through a contemporary architecture.
He currently is also pursuing a sculpture process which appears in his films and photographies.
The sculptures evolve and interact with the narrative and performers in the films and are then exhibited.
Drawings and photographies also explore his ideas on man and the city.

Over the last 3 years, he has been developing his most ambitious project to date currently titled THE TRANSITION PROJECT which involves 3 feature length films (RECONCILIATION being the 1st), multiple short films (THE LOVERS being the 1st) and smaller videos as well as drawings, sculptures and photography.