“Taylor Museum 1” by Jonathan Quinn

13 x 14 inches
Price: $400.00

Jonathan is a New York based artist whose paintings, photographs, film, graphics and sculptures are a comment on how we think, through the mechanics of how we perceive. Our cognitive processing contains clues to the reasons and rational of both our objective and emotional selves. Whether gazing into a subjective abyss or contemplating metaphors, visual explanations and examples of thought –how we perceive intersects with what we believe.

Photography has come to dominate how we define time.
The conventional practice of photography —where a shutter opens and light and shadow are fixed— memorializes the past. Beyond representation, a photograph is a record of a time and place that occurred in a mediated instant defined by the camera-apparatus. An agreed upon discreet moment. This privileged positioning prioritizes how we understand the past.

As we pose for a camera we anticipate a future of a past yet to be.