“Sound Invention” by Lisa Corinne Davis

Acrylic and Ink on Paper
16 x 11 inches
Price: $800.00

Seeking ways to codify the structure of information, my paintings explore the complex relationship of race, culture, and history, where form and content merge and meaning is embedded in formal decisions providing a metaphorical reservoir. Even though my means can be methodical and meticulous, I want my meanings to be freewheeling. The intimations are various: from mapping space as humans move through it, to noting the geopolitical realities of national borders; from indications of population density and critical mass, to parts resembling errant engineering models or animated characters. Central to the idea of my work is that abstract painting can be read into, and whatever one reads into the forms remains unfixed, and can shift in a moment to a different read. Working with the logic of the poet rather than that of a demographer, I set up categories, collect data, code information, and create pseudo graphs and charts. I play with place as a geographical, metaphorical, and metaphysical concept with a desire to hone the language of abstract painting to visually describe the complex state of our contemporary culture.