“Slieve na Caillagh” by Elisa Jensen

Oil on linen
16 x 16 inches
Price: $3,500.00

My recent work is inspired by visits to Neolithic and Bronze age sites. The work I’ve seen there — boulder piled on boulder, rock carvings of celtic swirls, flower patterns — might be old school (or original school) but it still has a powerful, even primordial, resonance that penetrates beyond mundane consciousness to reach something fundamental in the mind.

These shapes and carvings are the original firestarter — the visual equivalent of that original beat that rock drummers are always claiming to search out — and they still pop up in app icons (check out the radiating lines in the WiFi symbol), corporate logos (the concentric circles of the Target logo), and graffiti tags (you know who you are and if I see you on my block again you are toast).

I’d like to say that I aim to relive this ancient language through painting and sculpture and bring it into the forfront, merging old and new, but that fact is that none of us — not one of us — ever stopped living them. They are the water of physic identity, and we are the fish who are always swimming, but only occasionally aware of the substance that sustains us.

Awards include: 2015 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, 2012 finalist for the Basil Alkazzi Award, NYFA, 2010 National Academy Museum Award for Painting, 2009 John Koch Award, American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1993 Revson Foundation Fellowship.

Exhibitions include John Davis Gallery in Hudson last October and recent group shows at Life on Mars Gallery, Leslie Heller Gallery, Flowers Gallery and Sophienholm Museum in Copenhagen with the Corner artists’ group.

See Elisajensen.com for further information.