“Prototype 6” by Abel Lenz

Cat toy, toy snowman hide, feathers, various electronic components.
14 x 16 inches
Price: $399.99

Prototype.horse – New products from Abel Lenz
Products and experiences that meet business objectives, improve lives, and delight users have become meaningless. Products and experiences must now frustrate, confuse, disgust, and threaten injury. Prototype.horse is leading the way with new prototypes that are over budget, perform poorly, break easily, and consistently disappoint.
More information and videos are available at http://prototype.horse

About the artist
Abel Lenz has twenty years of experience building successful software and internet products for some of the largest international brands. During that time he has also built a number of kinetic “prototypes”, primarily by remixing broken, discarded, or very low quality toys and robotics. Most recently he has constructed a number of new “prototype” products out of his studio at 162 Cook St in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

About this piece
“Prototype 6”
Abel Lenz, 2015
Cat toy, toy snowman hide, feathers, various electronic components.
The rhythmic pulsing of the original cat toy on which this prototype is based is accentuated by the unctuous hide and delicately extended feathers. The true essence of this prototype can be witnessed at the moment when the motor is stopped and the feathers from two separate species of birds slowly oscillate toward stillness. The motion of the spring is accompanied by a poorly recorded and looped bird song. The snowman hide frequently comes unmounted from atop the spring, requiring delicate and tedious repairs. Two AAA batteries and two AA batteries are required for operation. The lights are switched separately from the motor and sounds circuits.
A video of the prototype in operation can be found here: