“Porte Fenetre” by Dean Radinovsky

Oil on postcard on panel
6 x 4 inches
Price: $500.00

A contemporary painter known for both large and very small, colorful, textured, many-layered works in oil and acrylic, Dean Radinovsky employs visual vocabulary drawn from throughout the history of painting. Each painting is analogous to a film or novel in that it has its own unique theme and look, and is usually developed over a period of several years. While composed as “abstract paintings”, landscape space and a sense of object (or figure) are always present, as the works seek to engage the viewer’s reflexive impulse of perception and emotional involvement. Literature and film play a large a roll in the inspiration and development of the works. Currently, Radinovsky’s large painting “Primitive Icon” is on display in the lobby of 42 Broadway in lower Manhattan.
Recent showings: “Chicken Thief” at Friday Studio Gallery, Bushwick
“Pink vs. Green” at the New Arts Program, Kutztown, PA
“The Vivian Girls Grow Up”, Project Wall at NAP, Kutztown, PA