“Pink Butterfly” by Mollie Conlee

lenticular print mosaic on panel
12 x 12 inches
Price: $475.00

​”Pink Butterfly” is one of the first in the series of lenticular mosaic works by Mollie Conlee. Using materials gathered from the 99 Cents stores and Botánica shops in and around Bushwick, the Brooklyn-based artist playfully carves out a balance between the constraints and cultural meaning of the materials, and the inspiration that informs the composition of the mosaic. Hand-cut lenticular shapes flicker and change color as the viewer walks around the piece, creating an inviting image that is as personal and ephemeral as the viewer’s own experience of it. The naive rendering of the butterfly, an emblem of metamorphosis and hope, is all but hidden as it shifts beneath the shimmering surface and among a strangely nostalgic camouflage of biblical imagery.

Conlee attended the Rhode Island School of Design. She lives and works in Bushwick, New York.