“midsummer haze” by Marianne DeAngelis

oil on canvas
14 x 11 inches
Price: $350.00

There is an honesty in confronting the canvas and applying pigment. I pursue a visual rhythm by getting lost in the color – allowing my eye to wander, to discover, to free associate. I strive to free myself from projected thought and instead work from abandon, attaining a momentary truth. In painting I encounter vague recollections discovering something I recognize as familiar yet indiscernible. Through my work I want to invite an intimate dialogue, a contemplation via the relationship of color.

A first generation Greek-American, Marianne DeAngelis was born and raised in Astoria, Queens, NY. Cultural curiosity fueled her love of nuance which evolved into a passion for the emotive qualities of color. She has participated in shows throughout the New York Metropolitan area including Sideshow Nation, Centotto, BOS: Seeking Space 2015, Drawing Rooms in Jersey City, Newark Arts Council Emerging Ideas and The Painting Center. She continues to exhibit throughout New York and New Jersey.