“Just Keep Driving” by Allison Zuckerman

Acrylic, Oil, CMYK Archival Digital Print on Stretched Canvas
16 x 16 inches
Price: $250.00

Allison Zuckerman received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012 and her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015. She debuted her work in the exhibition “EXTRACT V” at the GL Strand Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark from December 2015 – January 2016. She currently lives and works in New York City.

Zuckerman is inspired by artwork that performs, excites, and entertains. Zuckerman’s Pop Surrealist work is suspended between the high serious and the ridiculous. The theatrics of feminine emotion, pushed to the brink of hyperbole, ignite her mischievous, irreverent, cannibalistic, and cyclical artistic practice. Through a maximalist interchange of photography and painting, she converts her painted strokes into printed pixilated marks via collage. The recurrence of resized images parallels Internet hyper linking; the protagonist of one painting becomes a portal into a new world when it appears in a different work. Zuckerman simultaneously reconciles and foments the conceptual battles between high and lowbrow culture. Within the battle of high and lowbrow culture, she pilfers nudes from art history, aggressively modify them with collage, and re-present them as a fusion of past and present. In doing so, she imbues the generic nude with subjective anxieties, to individuate and activate her.