“Exit 943” by Bob Seng

Scraped/collaged EXIT signs
5 x 4 inches
Price: $350.00

Education: Seattle University, University of Washington, Vietnam 2 years- Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class). BFA , University of WA, 1973 in Art: Painting/ Drawing.

Grad school Central Washington University, MFA in Painting/Drawing, 1980. Moved back to Seattle in 1980. Started Artech Inc. (a fine art installation, packing, moving, shipping company) with 8 other artists. Practicing,exhibiting artist (painter) in the Seattle area.

Sold my interest in Artech and moved to New York in 1986. Worked as a painter in NY for 5 years before turning to sculpture in 1991, making sculpture and constructing site-specific installations. Taught Sculpture at Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT from 1991-1996.
In 1996 met Lisa Hein at a sculpture installation project in PA. Shortly afterward we started making installation projects together. Together now 20-plus years we have completed approximately 40 projects and proposed many more. Some of out installation projects are at this website: http://www.heinseng.com/

The EXIT 943 is part of a series made from scraped and collaged commercial EXIT signs. An EXIT is a portal to alternate “safe” place and time. It is an opportunity to go beyond, into another reality. More EXITS at: http://www.bobseng.com/