“Eternal Sunshine” by Jason Lewis

Acrylic on paper
12 x 9 inches
Price: $800.00

The Knife Cuts are a culmination of Lewis’ unrelenting pursuit in creating his own visual language. The psychological significance that comes with the knife has become the foundation Lewis uses to create his signature style. All of the straight lines in the paintings and drawings explore the relationship between the knife as a tool and the mark it makes. The use of the knife is significant because it gives the work a dangerous quality and a larger metaphorical context. Falling somewhere between calm and violence, there is a delicate balance between raw power and finesse. By repeating the cuts over and over again, Lewis creates dense multilayered surfaces rich with networks of lines and spikes that radiate a powerful luminosity. The knife cut works walk this line between action and intent. The complexity of the work stresses not only the cosmopolitan nature of art, but the volatile machinations of humanity.