“Eldert Street Inertia” by Chris Dacs

Oil pastel, pencil on paper and canvas on board
16 x 12.5 inches
Price: $400.00

Working on artwork and trying to keep calm all while tracing shadows on canvas and boards and watching them move. I like a good 80’s action film but nothing horrible, maybe like Seal Team 6 or whatever, something with a rescue plot and with Gene Hackman. He’s a badass. There’s a real realness to a story flow like that.
I’m off Eldert Street right now off the Wilson L and my ex girlfriend’s dog has cancer and that’s pretty much why we split because she had to head to Florida to give the dog treatment and I didn’t want to go. She was crying at my parent’s house and I need to get all my paintings and canvas out of her house by September 1st. I’m sort of homeless I guess.