“Walleye” by Lisa Hein

Wood, ceramic, plastics
16 x 14 inches
Price: $400.00

Lisa Hein helped coeducate Yale College in the 1970’s. Following 15 years of sculpture and site projects in California, she soloed at Pat Hearn Gallery, NY in the 1980s and 90s. She has participated in group shows at P.S.1, Socrates Sculpture Park and SculptureCenter, NY.

Since 1996, Hein has collaborated with Robert Seng on ephemeral installations with machines, water, light and wind. Recent projects include Seattle Center, Art 101, Brooklyn, and Georgetown Glow in Washington, DC. Their latest installation was “Jello Brick Window” at Outpost Artist Resources in Queens.

After 20 years of site work, Hein returned to the studio in 2015 to make sculpture out of handles. Abandoning the long view, Hein wields hand tools against housewares in a war against distance.