“Coming Soon! Hot from Bronx” by Michele gambetta

Video (documentary video of collective social sculpture : ArtCondo
16 x 16 inches
Price: $400.00

ARTCONDO is a collective real estate project spearheaded by Michele Gambetta and created with NYC artists, to help artists come together and begin collectively purchasing, developing and owning buildings in New York City. ArtCondo is a grass-roots artists’ project and collaborative social sculpture. It is meant to create a newly empowered creative community, new connections and possibilities for NYC artists, and is being created through their positive collective action. ArtCondo is exploring alternative sweat equity methods, and new group purchasing, ownership and working models to enable more artists to own their work spaces and work/live spaces. The group is working to create opportunities for artists to gain equity and to root themselves in neighborhoods – as protection against aggressive landlords. Concerns about gentrification and community connections inform each building and whole project ethos. ArtCondo currently has 8 artists focused on its first building in the South Bronx. The ArtCondo project plans to return to Bushwick, Brooklyn after the Bronx development is complete.