“Chimera, The American Descent” by dana james

Oil, fabric on Canvas
16 x 16 inches
Price: $1,150.00

Dana James is a painter currently working in Brooklyn, New York. A New York native, Dana has a BFA in painting from the School of Visual Arts. Dana is the former founder and curator of Elgin Gallery in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn – which now acts as an art advisory – as well as former co-director of Life on Mars Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Dana now paints full time and has exhibited extensively both in and outside of New York.
Her paintings incorporate multiple mediums and textures created by the process of pouring, in combination with the use of the the artist’s hand. Bordering between abstract and representational, the imagery is primarily conceived of naive notions of suburbia, man-made bodies of water, and Americana based sci-fi imagery. Her work can be seen here: www.DanaJames.info.