“Body Parts, Hand” by Camilla Fallon

oil on canvas
8 x 8 inches
Price: $400.00

I’ve lived in NYC since I got an MFA from Yale in the 80’s. I’ve cobbled together a living doing various jobs and my computer skills saved the day. Still struggling, gave up my studio space in March. Space is too expensive.
My strokes are rooted in response. I discovered myriads of things this summer just painting flowers and fruit. I attempted to make
the colors come alive. The strokes were honest and vital, and I’ll try to bridge it if I go back to larger or paintings that are improvised.
I want my paintings to have a raison d’etre. Some of my touchstones are Degas, Manet, Goya and Velasquez. If I had to show you a few paintings that were early loves it would be an early Titian-Gorgione Portrait, Manet’s Dead Toreador, both in the National Gallery in DC, Matisse’s Music Lesson and Monet’s Water-lilies in the Orangerie.
I think my work would like an audienc