“Allan (I get it for the articles)” by Alexandra Rubinstein

oil on canvas
14 x 11 inches
Price: $300.00

Alexandra Rubinstein’s practice largely focuses on crushing the patriarchy and having fun with it! Her work emerged from personal experiences of a Russian immigrant immersed into American culture, and has grown to encompass broader ideas of culture, gender, intimacy. She uses provocative subject matter and humor to engage the viewer with the much deeper content of the work.
“Allan” is part of the series “I get it for the articles” – a collection of paintings that uses images from old playgirls to reframe the male nude and explore the female gaze. Chosen poses display men as vulnerable and non-threatening, while still masculine and attractive, questioning the idea of beauty as inherently feminine and idea of aggressive sexuality as male. The models’ faces and identities are vague and obstructed to emphasize their physicality and lend the men to a similar objectification and decoration that is so often characteristic of the female nude.