“A Landscape and An Abstract Walk Into A Bar” by Lance Rautzhan

Frozen Acrylic Enamel and Spray Enamel on Raw Canvas
15 x 13 inches
Price: $400.00

Lance Rautzhan (born. 1974 in Pottsville, PA) is a multidisciplinary artist whose primary practice is painting. He studied Social Theory and Philosophy at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He moved to Long Island City, Queens in 1997 to study acting under Catherine Russell and make small works on paper. In 1999, Rautzhan took a large studio in Baltimore, MD where he would go on to cultivate his body of work and exhibit heavily for 6 years. After securing gallery representation in Baltimore, Rautzhan moved his studio to Bushwick, Brooklyn in 2006. He would continue to work in Brooklyn until conceding to gentrification in 2014. Rautzhan’s work has been exhibited (Baltimore – Gallery 211, Subbasement, SchiavoneEdward, New York – Freight & Volume, Arts & Leisure, Present Company, Eastern District, Provincetown – DNA Gallery, and with Freight & Volume at Pulse Miami 2010 and 2012), collected and published internationally. In 2013, he was chosen for and completed a residency with DNA Gallery in Provincetown. His aesthetic influences include 70’s animation, avant-garde film, and Keith Richards. He values slow burning substance as a hallmark of intelligence in art. Currently, he works in a large barn in the Appalachian Mountains of rural Eastern Pennsylvania.

About the piece…

Freeze Paintings – In January 2015 a large amount of white acrylic enamel paint was poured on an 8’x8′ canvas. It was housed in a barn with no heat and the water in the paint froze. Starting in the Spring, spray enamel was applied once daily. In early September 2015, the canvas was divided into 14 small sections and stretched loosely. These paintings are the result of that process. Under the neon abstract facade, they are riddled with marks created strictly by the freezing process. Nature is cool.