“33 butterfly_1 50 x 60 cm vetrof alik 2016” by Alik Vetrof

oil on canvas
16 x 16 inches
Price: $900.00

Alik Vetrof /
Serves art since 1989, a member of the creative association “ASA ART randevu”: – I create art projects on topics that I’m interested in and worried. For me it is important to give his own interpretation of the images in the works. Hurt the viewer, to include it in the discussion and create your own history of the art object, to think and to make to become a partner displayed on the canvas or in an art project …
Style: figurative abstraction, Post-Impressionism, post-modernism, conceptual post-industrialism.
Art Projects. Painting: “Alluring unknown” (1989), an illustration of books (1993-2008), Nude (1995-2014), “I give you a bouquet of” (2008), “On-inspiration” (2008 …) ” Marine Expression “(1995-2014),” Freeze frame “(2010),” 2012 Ballet Ballet “(2011-13),” Southern landscape “(2012-14),” Urban communication tunnels “(2011-14)” Flash “(2008-14). Crucifixion (2015-2016)
Photo: “.” “City in Motion” (2007, 2010-11) Punjab not open itself to the world “(2008),” Dance with a rain of fire “(2009),” Dance of the 2008-09 “,” Theatre “(2010) , “Assya – Assya” (2009), “The people and the city, and not only …” (2007-12), “Winter” (2007-09) Author’s print media:
2008-09 catalog of the “art dealer books about contemporary art”
2009 series of postcards.
2010 catalog “Marine Expression”
Curator of the project:
1997-98 Gallery “ART-937” USA, New York.
2005-11 Publisher “Library-E-Literature”, the art magazine “Art Gallery”
2009 t / a “ASA ART randevu”
2010-13 Art Portal “News Contemporary Art”
2014 Open curatorial practice “Opportunities”
2014-15 Handmade organization and holding of fairs.
The work in galleries and art projects:
1995 1997-98 Gallery “the ART-937” USA, New York.
1997 “Art-Bez” gallery “CONE” Mexico, Mexico “Transit home”
1999 Gallery “Kolla” Russia, Moscow
2009 “art dealer books about contemporary art”
2009 Art cafe “Sweet”, the exhibition salon “Megadom” Odessa
2011-14 Exhibition Space Print House “Gallery at Kobleskoy”
2014 Art Gallery “Opportunities” Odessa
Participation in creative associations:
1990 “Parallel World two Palmyra” St. Petersburg – Odessa.
1997 “FACERA” USA, New York.
2009 International that artists “ASA ART randevu”
Solo exhibitions:
1989 Apartment Gallery (Odessa), Russia, Moscow “Central House of Artists,” “Alluring unknown”. Germany, Munich “artibis2” “Mania suspense”, “Verführerisch Spannung” Projektionstransformation Leinwand, Öl, angewendet schnitzen.
1992 Russia, Saint-Petersburg “South sandstone” sculpture stone, wood, metal castings, United Kingdom London, Gallery “BISxol”
1995 1997-98 Gallery “the ART-937” USA, New York.
1997 Mexico, Mexico City “Art-Bez” gallery “CONE” project “Transit home”
1999 Russia, Moscow gallery “Kolla”, Saint-Petersburg Gallery “East” project installations “Forgotten dream – painting goodbye.”
2009 a permanent gallery apartment “Vysotsky on” Maritime Art Gallery, Art Café “Candy”, the exhibition salon “Mega House” Odessa, Ukraine.
2012 Exhibition-show, creative evenings, night club “Truman”
2014 art dealer space “White Walls” Monaco, Monte-Carlo.
2014 Art Gallery “Opportunities” Odessa, Ukraine.
2015 Art Gallery “Richards” USA, New York.
Group exhibitions:
1989 St. Petersburg, Apartment gallery.
1990 Moscow gallery “ARTDirect”
1992 Saint Petersburg gallery “ART PAR” “jeweler casting” sculptures.
1996 Russia Moscow “Central House of Artists’ book drawing.
1997 US Gallery “Modern House” project of modern Russian artists.
2000 Russia Moscow “Kolla”, USA, New York “Home 280 street”.
2002 Odessa “Apartment Gallery”
Odessa Book Fair 2006
2007 Kiev, Moscow book exhibition.
2008 Kyiv Book Fair
2009 Art Cafe “Sweet”, “Odessa – the sea – the canvas” (July-August Odessa), exhibition salon “Megadom” (June-August Odessa) “artistic look to your banal interior,” art café, “East” ( August-September, Odessa) “Artists after the summer” (September Odessa). UKRAINIAN ART WEEK (November 17-23, 2009, Kiev, Ukraine).
2010 at the State Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val, Moscow, Russia.
2015 April, Kyiv, Ukrainian House, “Common Space”, Italian artists and Ukraine