About the Invisible: Sound and Video Artist Joshua Liebowitz

by Christopher Stout; photos by Willow Goldstein


Sound and video artist Joshua Liebowitz at his Bushwick studio

A stand out among this year’s more than 600 registered Bushwick Open Studios participants is sound/video artist Joshua Liebowitz, Located at 181 Irving Avenue (BOS map marker 257), his studio will be open to visitors on Sunday, June 1, 12—7PM. Liebowitz will be showing a compilation of video, computer, sound, and technology-based work. In addition, he will also be exhibiting two video pieces with Bushwick Art Crit Group’s  BACG POP UP exhibition.


Joshua Liebowitz studio image from the BOS 2014 Directory; photo courtesy of the artist

The BACG editorial team recently visited Liebowitz in his studio to engage in a dialogue about his art and to postulate on the overarching constructs that prevail in his different genres of work. Giving context to the binding elements in his work, Liebowitz said, “In the end my work is about the invisible: its indication at the edge of the senses, the interplay of space and objects in a constellation of mediums. How else to feel the weight of the gap than through the tug of a sound on color, data on text, or image on place? How else, but to explore and allude? I’ll see you in the swirl of it all.” We certainly hope so!


Joshua Liebowitz perrformance image; photo courtesy of the artist


I-V-IV Seventeen by Joshua Liebowitz; photo courtesy of the artist

Visitors to BOS’14 are encouraged to experience the stunning and thoughtfully introspective collection of art works by Liebowitz presented as part of Bushwick Open Studios as well as his video selections at the BACG POP UP.


Joshua Liebowitz BOS’14 presentation, 181 Irving Street, Sunday, June 1, 12—7PM

Joshua Liebowitz, BACG POP UP exhibition, Brooklyn Fire Proof, 119 Ingraham Street, 2nd Floor, Saturday and Sunday, May 31—June 1, 12—7PM